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Getting Started

Click through the following pieces of important information about our online program.

Due to the nature of how we are delivering these classes there are a couple requirements to ensure you can get the best possible experience:

  • A Laptop, Computer or Device which has a webcam, microphone & can run the Zoom App.
  • An internet connection capable of 5mb/s or more
    • You can test this yourself by going to, which will run a quick test to determine your speed (please note doing this on mobile data may use your data quickly)
  • An open area for your child to exercise in (preferably free from noise & other distractions)
  • The Zoom app must be installed before class starts (to prevent issues which may arise on the day)

Items such as a yoga mats and other equipment is not necessary, but may make this experience more enjoyable. Please ensure you have plenty of water easily accessible, as parts of this training may include short bursts high-intensity interval training.

Login to the iClass Pro app like normal (or use the Customer Portal found on our main site). If you’re using the app, under the “Bookings” tab there should be a new category called “Online”. If you click the category, you can book online classes just like any other class. The model of our online classes are pay-as-you-go, and you are not registered for a whole term (meaning you can book in whenever you like!).

Ensure your gymnast is well prepared and understands how the class will be run. Before class starts, prepare a suitable area for training. Have water nearby, and test that your internet connection & the device running zoom is all working (as there are multiple gymnasts in each class, classes unfortunately cannot delay starting if you have issues with your setup).

When class is about to start hop onto this website, and using the menu click onto our live classes section. You will need to select your current class, and a page should open with the info regarding your live class. About 2-3 minutes before class is supposed to start, click the join meeting link. This will either open up your Zoom app or open it in a web browser. You will be asked to enter a password before joining the meeting – this should be emailed to you at some point before class starts.

It is important your child is wearing clothes suitable for gymnastics & appropriate for training in. They should dress the same way they would show up to the gym.

Once class has started the coach will take a roll call to check who is there. While everyone is joining the class, we’ll give gymnasts about 5 minutes to talk to eachother. However, we remind gymnasts to keep their microphones muted if they don’t need to speak – a parent might need to show them how. This helps prevent accidental & unrelated conversations being broadcast to everyone in the class. It is also important to note that everyone in the class can see eachother – this is due to how Zoom works, but is also extremely important so our coach can guide your child on how to improve their skills.

Our coach will guide your child through a warm up, followed by various skills suited to their skill level. Nearing the end of a class, your child will be guided through a cool down. If at any time your child wants to ask the coach a question, they can unmute their microphone and ask. Alternatively if the coach is busy with another gymnast, they may use the virtual “hand-raise” feature of Zoom, and our coach will get to them as soon as possible.

It is extremely important to note that outside the gym scenario, our coaches cannot fully supervise your child as well as we can inside the gym. Please be in the same room, or have direct line of sight to your child while they are training – this helps to ensure your child’s safety. It is not appropriate to leave your child home alone during training. Should an injury or emergency occur, our coaches cannot perform to the same duty of care as inside the gym.

Active @ Home

Active at Home is our way of delivering Gymnastics lessons to you during this time. With some of the latest tech, we’ll beam lessons right to your home (and you can have a break!).



If you’re part of a school community (or other community) who’s looking for sport classes for their home program, please contact us. Our class sizes are generally capped at 12 (with smaller sizes preferred), and are run by Gymnastics Australia accredited coaches. The lessons use Zoom so the coach & students can both see each other, and allow for a more personalized lesson.